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Harness Your Sexual Energy

It is a source of great pleasure and pride for me that I specialise in teaching my unique techniques to enable you to get the most out of your sexual life.

I adapt my two decades of experience and my repertoire of techniques to suit your particular needs and desires, whether you are a male, a female or a couple and whether you wish to experience more pleasure in your body, rid yourself of emotional baggage or to become a more confident lover, I can assist you on that journey.

My service is UNIQUE, personalised and is built on a close, professional relationship! My service is non goal orientated and therefore just to clear things up… do not provide impersonal “rub and tug” services nor am I an escort…my service is much more expansive and a one of a kind 5 Star Service.  Experience Heightened Pleasure….with a capital P and I know you will learn and feel absolutely amazing things you may never have felt before.  There is so much you can experience in your body and as the famous saying goes…

Using a fusion of styles and depending on your interests and needs, I will guide you through learning about sexual energy, assist you to get intimately in touch with your body and show you how you can ride the waves of Pleasure. 

Let me join you on the journey and guide you to experiencing a totally fulfilling sex life. The journey is one of a guided reconnection with your self that can enhance learning, emotional and physical healing, celebrating sexuality and increased sexual pleasure, enable you to experience a deeper level of intimacy and feel more fulfilled.

 I Am an Australian Born, body/energy worker, TANTRA Practitioner and Sexuality Coach Located In BRISBANE

Sensual by nature, I am highly experienced in helping you learn and explore.
While we are born to love, we are not born great lovers. Our prowess and our hang-ups in respect of love and sexuality are learned behaviours. The positive learned behaviours can be enhanced through education, coaching and practice, as can the negative learned behaviours that are holding us back from experiencing deep intimacy and sexual fulfilment be reversed.

Being extremely passionate at heart, I genuinely love to assist men, women and couples who are looking beyond a quick fix and a continuation of a mediocre sex life and who desire to learn how to enjoy heightened erotic experiences.

Highly skilled and certified in the art of Tantra, Sensual Massage, and Sexual Healing, I will help you open your mind to what is possible for you in a whole new world of sexual pleasure. Discover how to connect on a much deeper level with your partner and your own body and tap into your inner sensual self through exploring your sexuality with one of the most experienced sexuality coaches in Brisbane.

How did I learn what I know about taking people into the deepest depths of sensual pleasure and mastery of sexual technique? Not only previous professions, many subsequent studies and experience has provided me with the tools to impart that knowledge to you. So with over twenty years combined experience and my passion to guide, you can rest assured that you will be in great hands.

YOU deserve so much more than impersonal “rub and tug” which will more than likely leave you feeling empty and out of pocket! The services I provide are designed to “empower”
My adult services are tailored as required by each man, women or couple however as a guide, my services essentially fall under 3 categories :

Erotic Massage, Sexual Healing and Training.  You can find out more info under “Services & Training” and much more by submitting my “Uncut Version”. 

Experience much more from your body than you could ever imagine…let me guide you today towards more happiness in your life!

I Cant Wait To To Help you

Connect        Explore    &   Celebrate 

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Private Location: 

Erotic massage Brisbane service location – My Private Tantra Studio is located in the South of Brisbane, the discreet address with be given after your booking is confirmed.

If you are wanting to find out more the best way is to request via my uncut form 🙂


Services & Training:

Simply submit the booking form to be sent the “uncut” details of my services via email which list my entire services and you can read at your own leisure to make an informed decision.



sensual massage BrisbaneLearn how to access the most pleasure from your body to be a better lover to your partner or future partners.

This is so much more than your traditional sensual massage Brisbane service…..evolve, learn, celebrate and enjoy your sexuality.

What we get taught and what we know is very limited….let me guide you to access so much more….




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This is for you and your lover to learn to give and receive erotic sensual and tantric massage.

Enhance your relationship, learn techniques whilst I guide you both in the bedroom. 

Are you ready to awaken your sexual self. Relax, surrender and experience things on a whole new level! I love assisting couples… I believe it helps in keeping relationships together, with reconnecting again but on a much more deeper level.



Let Me Guide You…

adult massage BrisbaneAre you experiencing some issues such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction?

Are your sexual issues causing you problems in your relationships and affecting your overall happiness in your life?

I’m a Sexuality Coach and Ive helped hundreds of men with issues from ages 18 to 85yrs.

Contact me to find out more… or see


Sexual Healing …

no more porn rub and tug addictions

Unfortunately, instead of pleasurable memories of love and joy, many people carry the scars of their sexual experiences and guilt and shame. Our physical, spiritual and emotional health is connected to our sexual organs. Over time, neglect or surgery, blockages can occur.

Sexual healings can help release these blockages, can release toxins, and increase blood flow to your sexual organs.

Contact me via my booking form to find out more about how my unique adult massage Brisbane packages can help get your sexy back!



Click Here To Learn How To Give An Amazing “woman to woman” Erotic Massage In The Privacy Of Your Own Home


Tantra Training …

tantra massage Brisbane

If you have a desire to help people sexually and learn about the Ancient Arts of Tantra.  I believe the world needs more awareness and to learn how to access greater pleasures…to celebrate their sexuality and people offering services to help people in their sex life. Empower and educate yourself and have a very rewarding career or add Tantra to the list of your existing services.

My passion is to help people get more out of their lives and live a more fulfilling sexual life. If you have a genuine desire to make a difference in this world…contact me to find out more.

Contact me to find out more.


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The domain is used purely to help adults searching for erotic massage services in Brisbane, know exactly what I offer as to NOT mislead people into thinking I only provide professional massage services. I provide holistic and tantric services.

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♥  This lady helps you rebuild your sexual identity from the ground up and teaches you the reality of sex and intimacy (it’s not what you see in porn). Now I have a new found sense of sexual confidence, I no longer fear being with women, and that confidence alone allows women to feel much more comfortable, and enjoy themselves so much more. The comparison is night and day.

The hardest part is to put yourself out there, but once you do you won’t regret it. This lady is about the most beautiful, kind and professional woman you could ever hope to meet, so you’ll immediately realise you’re in for a life changing experience as soon as you meet her.

- J x




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If you would like to request sessions outside of my normal work hours, this can sometime times be arranged if notice is given. Please contact me by submitting the form below or by sms and I will always do my best to accommodate you.


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If you would like to find out more about my adult services Brisbane, you can contact me via my booking form or click here to check out my main website with all services listed.

All first time clients are encouraged to submit the form below to be sent the “uncut” details of my services via email which you can read at your own leisure to make an informed decision. After reading all my information you can sms me on 0410 611917 to make a booking.



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First impressions count….Priority is always given to polite and respectful clients

You will notice I don’t offer services whereby you pay by the hour…Its all about the QUALITY and not about the quantity, my services are not goal orientated and of a holistic and healing nature.

If you would like to invest the time and money into learning more about your sexuality….Submit the booking form above by clicking here and your message will be delivered to me instantly.

Please provide as much detail as possible when booking: Your preferred date, time and the type of service you are wishing to experience as this makes it much easier for me when I contact you.

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Brisbane TANTRA  For Men, Women And Couples 

Learn Tantra  So why not learn about the sexiest sensual massages and tantra techniques to enhance your sex life.

Gain New Confidence – Erotic Tantra techniques teach long term and recently single men and women new bedroom skills which help them regain their confidence before entering back into the dating scene.

Revamp Your Love Life – Adult massage will also help improve intimacy between couples, by adding new spice and excitement to long term relationships which have gone a little stale over time.

My unique techniques have so many positive health benefits as listed below!

History And The Benefits Of Incorporating Sensual Adult Massage Into Your Life And Relationship.

nuru massage BrisbaneErotic therapies and the use of sensual touch (exotic relaxation) techniques are evident in historic writings and records,  dating back to ancient times some as early as 5000 years ago.

This was a time where the joy of sex and embracing ones sexuality was natural, pleasurable and guilt free. Erotic massage has an aura of mystery and sensuality around it and has remained a widely used healing practice in many cultures right til this present day.

Sacred erotic massage is not just about orgasm and the physical body, it is a holistic experience, involving ones mind, body, soul and spirit.

Here are just some of the many ways that a sensual and caring human touch can benefit your life :

  • It stimulates endorphins which reduces stress and promotes well being.
  • Increases energy levels, which can last for hours.
  • Can enhance a persons mood instantly.
  • Stimulates the libido and helps promote fertility in both males and females.
  • Can help counteract premature ejaculation and also improve erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves circulation and helps get rid of built up toxins in the body.
  • Increases intimacy and happiness with yourself and your partner.
  • Will help you enjoy and appreciate sex in a whole new way.
  • Will help you understand the importance of togetherness, human touch and the nature of love.
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